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Payment Policies


Membership Fees For 2024/2025:

  • $90 - Early Registration Discount, if joining before June 30, 2024
  • $120 - Standard Full-Year Membership (One fee covers all students in the same family.)
  • $60 - Single Semester Membership

OR: May Term Non-Member Registration Fee

  • $10 - To cover Hedfex costs

Email: [email protected] to pay via Paypal

Class Fees
Write a separate check for each term. View your account balance Statement of Account split by term. Find your Statement of Account on the website by logging in, then click up top where it shows your balance. The total balance due is split up by term, so it is easy to figure out what is due now vs. later.

Checks for class fees will be deposited on or shortly after the registration deadline for that term, unless otherwise specified in the class description,
Class fees are fully refundable if the registrar is contacted prior to the registration deadline or if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Paypal is accepted for payment of the Membership Fee, since those can be time sensitive payments, but check or cash is always preferred.
To keep prices as low as possible for everyone, we can no longer accept Paypal for class fees. We hope to be able to change this in the future, if/when we receive 501c3 status. In the mean time, if it will be difficult for you to pay all class fees by the payment deadline, please contact the treasurer ([email protected]) ahead of time to discuss options.

Raise Right
The treasurer applies available Raise Right scrip balances 1-2 weeks prior to each payment deadline. You can check your Statement of Account to see your reduced balance.

Quantity Discount
A family taking more than 6 classes (not including May Term) will be eligible for a $10 per class credit for the 7th and additional classes.
This credit is available at the end of the school year and may be used toward membership and class fees for the following year or requested as a check.

If you have a credit remaining on your account when you leave HEdFEx, you must request a check in writing or by email within two weeks after your last active semester.
After that point, rebates will be moved to the Hedfex general fund for the benefit of all members.
A $3 per business day fee will apply to all payments postmarked after the due dates. Failure to pay promptly and respond to reasonable attempts to contact you may result in your registration being cancelled. Checks declined due to insufficient funds will result in a $40 charge to that member.

Tax Deductions
Fees paid to Hedfex and instructors may, or may not, be tax deductible depending on your financial situation and the instructor’s qualifications. You must make your own determination on this subject.

Account Credits Upon Leaving HEdFEx
If the combined balance between the family's account and scrip is under $130, and a family is not an active member at the end of the calendar year, the balance is moved to the general fund. If it is $130 or over, the registrar will email the family and ask if they want the balance cashed out or donated.